Who May Apply

The Law and Society minor is designed for high achieving and self-motivated students.  Applications from students across the campus are encouraged, regardless of academic major or college.  Prior to beginning your application, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

Credit Hours

Applicants must be on track to complete a minimum of 30 credits by the start of Fall 2021.  Of the 30 credits required to start the Law and Society Minor, 15 credits should be completed at the University of Maryland.


A cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 is required to begin the Law and Society Minor.


Applicants to the Law and Society Minor must complete the following prerequisites with a minimum grade of C- prior to beginning the minor in Fall 2018:

  • Entry level course in applicant’s major or proposed major. 
  • Entry level research/methods/statistics course in the applicant’s major or proposed major.  

How Files Are Evaluated

The Admissions Committee takes into consideration a number of factors in evaluating whether a candidate would be suitable for admission into the Law and Society Minor.  These factors include whether the person is likely to succeed in the Law and Society Minor, would benefit from the minor, and could contribute to the MLaw community.

In making such determinations, the Committee focuses on a number of criteria.  In addition to examining the applicant’s academic record, the Committee also considers the essay(s) that describe professional interests related to the minor, extracurricular activities and evidence of intellectual curiosity and motivation.

In addition to evaluating the application requirements, the Admissions Committee may also consider feedback from an applicant’s interview (by invitation only) in determining whether a candidate would be suitable for admission.

We encourage all interested students to apply to the minor. Please highlight any special or extenuating circumstances in your application. We are always striving for a diverse cohort of students so we strongly suggest that all students apply if you have interest. 


Please email mlawprograms [at] umd.edu if you have any questions regarding your eligibility to apply or how files are evaluated.

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