Concerned ladies? Well never fear, the AAUW is now here, right at our own university. With more than 1000 branches across the country, the national women's rights organization is bringing awareness and action to controversial issues including abortion, planned parenthood, and education.

Freshman founders Sarah Riback and Meredith Riley, led the group in the first AAUW meeting on February 13 in the Cambridge Community Center voicing the need to create a safe space for women to talk about important issues in the midst of the present turbulent political climate.

To start, the group of roughly twenty-five gathered to voice their concerns by writing letters to US Representatives and Senators. The club is diverse and inclusive of students from multiple backgrounds, in different majors, and possessing different genders; however, all members can agree that it's amazing to be doing something tangible for a greater cause.

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Meredith Riley (left) and Sarah Riback hold a letter to a U.S. representative. (Rosie Kean/The Diamondback)