Event Date and Time
Zoom Link: https://go.umd.edu/StandTogether

Join Sarah Field, Vice President of Criminal Justice at Stand Together, for a  comprehensive approach to criminal justice reform.  

About Sarah Field 

As Stand Together's Vice President of Criminal Justice, Sarah oversees the  comprehensive criminal justice vision and strategy for Stand Together and its  larger community. Sarah has extensive executive and leadership experience in the  nonprofit legal and public policy sector. Most recently, she led judicial engagement  strategy at Americans for Prosperity. Before that, she served as Executive Director  at the Center for Shared Services and previously held key roles at the Charles Koch  Foundation, the Federalist Society, and a variety of other nonprofit organizations.  

Sarah also sits on the Advisory Council of Safe Streets & Second Chances, an  innovative program that takes an evidence-driven approach to the chronic issues of  repeat offenders and recidivism, using academic research to craft individualized  reentry plans that shift the ultimate measure of success from whether individuals  are punished to whether these individuals are improved, rehabilitated, and capable  of redemption.


Photo of Sarah Field