Event Date and Time
A. James Clark Hall, Room 2134
Interested in conflict resolution and dialoguing across difference in your personal and professional lives? Join the MLAW Program for a series of four interactive sessions it will be co-hosting with the UM Carey School of Law Mediation Clinic. Session #1, "Effective Communication and Active Listening: How to Stay Calm in High Conflict Situations," will be an introduction to conflict resolution and communication skills and how they can be used in an array of different situations. 
Session #2, "Powerful Non-defensive Questions, a Dialogue Across the Divide," will focus on our ability to ask strategic questions in order to effectively gather information and facilitate transparent communication. Session #3 will be led by a representative from Resident Life, centered on the practice of mediation within the student conduct sphere on UMD's campus. Session #4, "Introduction to a Restorative Approach," will review the three prior sessions through the lens of restoration in professional and social justice settings. Each session will be facilitated by students from the Mediation Clinic and lunch will be provided! 
Schedule of sessions:
1) Friday, March 9th
2) Friday, March 30th
3) Friday, April 6th
4) Friday, April 13th
RSVP by emailing us at mlawprograms [at] umd.edu.
Restoring Peace in Uncertain Times