Event Date and Time
Special Events room 6137 in McKeldin Library

A cross-campus panel of experts will be convened to discuss the question of what kind of policy should we have of borders. Some people favor closed borders, others endorse open borders. The answers are not simple. This panel proposes to debate and discuss them, among experts and audience members.


Christopher Morris (Philosophy Department, College of Arts and Humanities) will argue in favor of a right of countries to limit the numbers of immigrants and to choose whom to admit (with some exceptions for refugees in certain circumstances).


Rajshree Agarwal, Snider Center, Robert H. Smith School of Business


Perla Guerrero, Department of American Studies, ARHU


Robert Koulish, MLAW Program, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

The event is intended for audiences of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students.  The members of the panel will present information and open up discussion with audience.