Event Date and Time
Zoom Link: https://go.umd.edu/LifeAftertheGunshot

Join Dr. Joseph Richardson, Acting Chair of the African American Studies Department and  the Joel and Kim Feller Endowed Professor of African American Studies and Anthropology,  for a discussion about Life After the Gunshot. 

About Dr. Joseph Richardson 

Dr. Richardson's research focuses on four specific areas: 1) Gun violence; 2) The  intersection of structural violence, interpersonal violence and trauma among Black boys  and young Black men; 3) The intersection of the criminal justice and healthcare systems  in lives of young Black men; and 4) Parenting strategies for low-income Black male  youth. Trained as a criminologist and medical anthropologist, Dr. Richardson uses an  interdisciplinary, intersectional, and longitudinal qualitative research approach. 

Dr. Richardson has produced an award-nominated short documentary 'Bullets Without  Names' which chronicles the experiences of a young Black male survivor of a violent  firearm-related injury in the District of Columbia. He has also produced a digital  storytelling project titled Life After the Gunshot which explores the intersection of the  healthcare and criminal justice systems among ten young Black male survivors of gun  violence with histories of criminal justice involvement. 

Dr. Richardson has been featured in several media outlets such as National Public Radio  (NPR), The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, the Conversation, the Baltimore  Afro, the Trace, Russia Today (RT), CBC Radio (Canada), Press TV (Iran), Global  Times (China), and NBC News (Washington DC).


Photo of Joseph Richardson