Event Date and Time
Atrium, Stamp Student Union, University of Maryland

Social institutions have the power to either enable or restrict individual agency and opportunity toward a better life. Structural racism is one such inhibitor of institutionalized “practices and behaviors that produce a racial structure—a network of social relations at social, political, economic, and ideological levels that shapes the life chances of various races.” Structural racism harms people, maintains division between racial groups, and minimizes social justice. What actions can social institutions and individuals take to become the solution to structural racism? This symposium aims to answer this question by interrogating structural racism and promoting an interchange of ideas between panel speakers and the audience. Come and find out how you can be part of the solution.


  • Dr. Luisa Boyarski, Assistant Director of Georgetown University's Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership and Assistant Professor at the McCourt School of Public Policy
  • Dr. La Marr Jurelle Bruce, Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of Maryland College Park
  • Dr. Hoda Mahmoudi, Research Professor and Chair, The Bahá'í Chair for World Peace, University of Maryland College Park
  • Dr. Rashawn Ray, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland College Park


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